UsedCarsForSale has changed the way that it has operated over the last 12 years – we are no longer a free to post website – read on if you would like to know why we have made a change and see how to get your used vehicle stock on this site.

Big Changes – why we have done this.

Free is a really difficult thing to offer in today’s marketplace – there must be dozens of websites offering you the opportunity to place your cars, some of them effective, most of them not. If you’ve spent any time in this industry, I’m sure you’ve experienced the hassle of loading cars to multiple websites only to have to update and remove them as they sell and as you trade them. Finding password details, login in, loading cars, - checking details; all of this takes a great deal of time and prevents you from taking a proactive stance in actually doing your job – SELLING CARS!

What does this have to do with this website?

UsedCarsForSale is now part of the AutoAgent network of used car websites and we are proud to be able to offer South African car dealers another first class car sales opportunity , all available to AutoAgent clients. Our intuitive user interfaces not only speed up the process of loading cars, but multiple car selling sites are all managed from a single website – meaning that you load your used cars inventory only once, and we take care of the rest.

Why do we have to pay for this?

Running a used car website is a highly competitive business and to get your website noticed, you need to engage with a wide audience of people, not just online, but on the radio, in the newspapers and on billboards. A single billboard in a good location costs at least R40,000 - a 30 second Radio advert costs R12,000 on a national station (yes, once) and you need to run these adverts continuously for them to be effective. AutoAgent is continually advertising and promoting used cars on behalf of sellers in South Africa and this is why the free advertising has ended. It’s ineffective to run a website that you cannot promote and offers very little to you, the seller and us, the company owners.

How do I get my used cars on this site then?

Thankfully, we have made it easy – apply for an account here, select your payment options, number of cars you would like to load and start uploading cars. No long term contracts, no nonsense: simply select the account you want and pay for a month's subscription. That’s it! Of course we offer a great deal more to dealers, such as Car Dealer Websites that load stock to multiple sites, managed Newspaper advertising from within your dealer site and great comparison tools that make you more efficient.

Thanks for reading this, we trust that you will find UsedCarsForSale a most convenient car sales platform.

Looking forward to supporting you and your car sales efforts!

Pierre Theron
Auto Agent