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R 2 730 per month

* This car repayment calculator is used for your estimate only and excludes all initiation and on-the-road fees. The seller will not be held liable if repayment amounts differ from the above. The actual Interest rate might be lower or higher than the above.

Use the car finance calculator below when trying to work out what you can afford to spend on your monthly car repayments. Not all banks offer the same interest rate, so to be on the safe side, we have gone for a higher figure with the Interest Rate. You will most likely get between 1% -2% improvement on our estimated amount. Please ask the dealer who you will be buying a car from to see what interest rate you qualify for, I'm sure they will be most willing to help you.

What is a Balloon Payment or Residual?

A Balloon or Residual payment is quite simply a separate amount you will need to have saved to put in when the repayment term concludes. This could be from an annuity payout or a work bonus. Be careful with residual payments as people quite often have to refinance cars to make ends meet.